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The goal of this website is to answer your questions, educate, share my life with you and give your useful information about love,relationships, dating and marriage.

People asked me to write more about my life, experiences and answer important questions.. The focus of this website is people, feelings, strange situations and relationships. I will share my experiences, answer your questions and help you to have a different view on life.

Maybe you are having problems in your life and you don't know where to turn right now, look through information on this site and maybe you can find solution, help or constructive advice. Dating, sex, marriage and money are very important areas of your life are important.

Main topics of this website are:

  • Dating - tips and advice how to get a man or a woman, how to date successfully
  • Marriage - how to solve problems in marriage and how to make your marriage happier and more satisfying
  • Sex - sex tips and tricks, improve your sex life or your view on sex
  • Money - money issues that you have in your life, problems, struggles and right solutions.

    Sex, attraction and relationships will be main topic of this site. If you want to learn or explore more read my articles:

    How to choose fragrance or perfume

    How to find the right size bra

    Cheap beautiful handbags for women

    What is the most comfortable bra

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    Ask tall girl