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Tall dominant wives - dominant strong women

Tall dominant wives - dominant strong women

What is a dominant wife? Do you think you have one? Dominant wife is a woman who wants to feel important, wants to be admired, doesn't have any tolerance for any mistreatment on your part. Dominant wife is not for everybody, only for someone who really loves her.

Yes, dominant women do feel insecure and unloved that's why they have to prove to themselves they are treated nice. Dominant wife wouldn't tolerate much of any mistreatment and it's hard to please her, but once you please her, you will never regret it, she will be loyal to you forever.

Dominant wives tell husbands what to do and secretly thankful for everything he has to go through to please her. She does wants to be pleased. It maybe a different way of pleasing but it's important to her. Maybe other women want gifts and nice words, but dominant wives want more, they want everything more, they want more affection, move love, better treatment and of everything.

Dominant wives choose husbands who can handle all her demands in a loving way. Dominant wives what kind, nice, loving men, who can prove his love by his good behavior. When she asked husband to do something, it's really important to her he does it fast and the best as he can, put the best effort in pleasing her.

Dominant wives may seem somewhat abusive to the outsiders but in reality they are very loving, only her and her husband understand what is going on between two of them.

As long as she is happy by being dominant wife, and as long as he is happy with this too, there is no reason why they can't be happy together. Couples can be happy as long as they want to be happy, as long their needs are met and they don't mind to give each other what they need.

Different people have different needs. If they both can meet most important needs, understand each other, be forging, loving and affectionate in a way that they both need, then they can be very happy.

Dominant wife can be a good wife. She can be as loving and affectionate as long as you both communicate well what you mean. Just because she is strong and tough, she can still have a loving heart.